About Us

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This blog is a place for sharing discoveries, observations, comments and questions that result from outdoor explorations in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Blue Ridge Discovery Center (BRDC) has  three blogs at the moment, each reflecting explorations, discoveries and education activities in different ecological regions:  
BRDC's Piedmont Blog
BRDC's Ridge and Valley Blog 

Blue Ridge Discovery Center's Mission
Blue Ridge Discovery Center (BRDC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring people to explore, discover, and share the natural history of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
We believe that there is no better way to ensure the well-being of future generations than to provide creative and fun opportunities for people to engage their surroundings, to look closer, to question, and to share what is found with others.
  • BRDC provides opportunities for people to discover the wonders in their backyards, their parks, their forests, fields, rivers and mountains.
  • BRDC strives to foster a community based interest in sharing biodiversity with others through guided education activities.
  • Through collaborations with various educational and established outdoor institutions, BRDC will continue to work to bring the principles of ecology, sustainability, and discovery to a new level.
For more information, visit Blue Ridge Discovery Center's website: