Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"I saw Clyde at WW [Wildwood Park] today and had "tag along" of about 20 min. He spread some wingstem seeds on one of the rails at the bird viewing area at the Park Rd. entrance and suggested that I find some yellow crownbeard ones and take a pic and label it." - Nancy Kent


  1. One of my favorite sideline hobbies is learning the local names for the plants and animals of the region. I learned the name "stickweed" for wingstem and crownbeard when I was a kid. It's amazing to me how different looking the seeds of these two Verbesina species are.

  2. Welcome to the BRDC blog world, you valley and ridge runners! Nancy, great documentary photos! I am looking forward to what you all will add to our growing archival activities in the Blue Ridge.