Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black-chinned Hummingbird at Claytor Lake

On November 8th at around 12:00 -noon- I was adding to & rearranging my feeder stations in my yard, I went back inside to get an indoor perspective on the new arrangement from my regular viewing area. Suddenly - I saw a Hummer hovering around the small dogwood tree which I had just taken a hummingbird feeder down from ! My binocs were handy and I viewed the bird for a short period of time before it flew away.

I thought it might be a late adult male Ruby-throated, but after further inspection it proved to be an ADULT MALE BLACK - CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD!!! According to the VA "Goldbook" this species has only been reported 4 times in the Commonwealth & only 2 of those were confirmed by VARCOM.
I immediately noticed that this hummingbird had a fully colored gorget (which made it an adult male), this quickened my pulse a bit more! I went outside & put the feeder back in its original location in the dogwood. The Hummer returned in about 10 minutes, landed, & fed from that feeder.

All have been seen & or reported from the coastal region of the state, none of which were adult males. This may very well be a regional record for an "Adult Male" of this species!

This beautiful little gem was here for 3 days & has not returned to my feeders - BOLO - Be on the look out - He just might show up in your yard soon!

Good Birding
Mark Mullins
Claytor lake, Va

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