Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snowy Morning in Wildwood

With camera in hand, I walked to Wildwood this morning. As I arrived, I saw that I would have the entire park to myself. There were only a few footprints at the park entrance and by the time I reached the upper trail on the west slope, I was making new footprints in the snow. There were a few birds chittering in the trees so I could hear the crunch of my boots while I let the beauty surround me.

Heading to a tree beside the trail, I saw the mottled green leaves of round-lobed hepatica (Hepatica americana) among the brown leaves and white snow.

Yes! It will soon be time to see lavender flowers there again!

Moving along the trail, seeing the creek flowing coldly below, I soon came to wild hydrangea (Hyrangea arborescens).  The snow on its dried bloom looked very similar to its summer one.

Further up the trail I came to a tangle of dried vines. One of my favorites - Virgin's Bower!
The seeds of Clematis virginiana have a feathery delicate look that was enhanced  by the white crystals.

It may be late July or August before we see those vines covered with white flowers.

For now we can enjoy walking through the black and white world of nature's winter.

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