Thursday, September 13, 2012

Any Questions?

During the school year, students are often asked, "Does anyone have any questions?"

When I am wandering through Wildwood Park, I often wonder, "What's that?"
One day, I spotted a butterfly and after taking its picture, I wondered what kind it was.

On another day, I saw another of the same kind so I took its picture and still wondered
what kind of butterfly it was.

Fortunately, this one also let me see its underwing, and I was able to see two white marks that looked 
very much like a question mark turned upside down.

 Ah-ha! I had found a Question Mark (Polygonnia interrogationis)!
  This butterfly does not nectar on flowers but prefers to sip sap.

 The Question Mark above is enjoying the Cup Plants but is ignoring the yellow flowers and sipping from 
one that has lost its petals but has a sappy bud remaining. Notice its proboscis "straw".

This butterfly was so focused on the plant that I was able to focus my camera and get one more
 good shot of its identifying "tattoo"!

The Questions in Wildwood can be quite lovely!!!

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