Monday, December 31, 2012

My Own Moth!

I'm always delighted to see a critter on the outside wall of the 
restroom building in Wildwood Park. The wall provides a nice 
background to show off the insect's features without distractions.
I found a lovely moth there at the end of March. I sent it off to
Bug Guide for identification and was even more delighted when 
I learned its name - Kent's Geometer!

    Santa put the Peterson Field Guide to Moths in my Christmas
stocking, and I immediately looked up my moth. It is listed in
 that book as being "uncommon". I guess that one reason why I
    had never seen one before. 
 Notice in the photo below its lovely, long, and large antenna.

 I have not been able to find much information about my moth. Its
   scientific name is Selenia kentaria. As a caterpillar, it looked like a 
    stick and liked to eat leaves of hardwood trees. There are plenty 
  of maple, oak, and cherry trees in Wildwood so it had plenty of  food.

I'll certainly will look for another one this spring!

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