Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reach for the Sky!

My small camera does not have a long range zoom. It has a good macro lens for getting close-ups of flowers and critters, but birds and other far-away objects present a greater challenge and sometimes end up being blurs.
However, I occasionally look up and see something that I want to photograph. 
Last week, the rising full (almost) moon got my attention as I was walking to my car that was parked at the Park Road Entrance.
I decided to aim high toward the east:

Seeing that perhaps after several tries, I had an image that had turned out okay, I looked toward the western sky and saw that the sun had begun to paint large streaks and swirls across the heavens. 
I snapped:

I snapped again:

And again:

It was getting darker, and the sun was disappearing over the horizon with its colors.
Time for me to head home to a warm house and dinner.

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  1. Nancy,

    As always, your photographic essays from Wildwood improve our day. Thanks, keep it up, and there are no criticisms lurking about I know of.